Edgar Smith

Advisory Board Chairman

(2002 – Present), Health Care Industry Consultant, Licensed Insurance Agent (CO 135584) Broker/Agent, licensed: Accident, Health, Life, P&C, LTC. Chairman Board of Advisors: Small Business/Agency Cooperative, Inc. ( SB/A COOP). Broker for the Employer Freedom Plan, General Agent for E-Cash Flow Services (ACH Advantage).

(1992) – Developed the first member-owned Non-Profit Agency Cooperative Corporation for Associations and “Small Group” Employers to sponsor Partially Self-Funded Employer Employee Health Welfare Plans that were ACA Qualified and ERISA Compliant, to legally be a vehicle to “Aggregate” Employers without becoming a MEWA or a MET and without conflicting with any State or Federal Regulations.

(1994 – 2002) President, Integral Business Services Inc., a Research & Development Co. to start the legal “Agency CoOp” concept. President, JustCare, Inc. the first Non-Profit Agency Cooperative Corporation. JustCare Members included Employers, Health Care Providers, Insurance Companies, Third Party Administrator (TPA), National Data Company (pre-Internet ), National Credit Bank, developed the “America’s Health Card” the first fully integrated medical claim payment system, US Patent Issued, 2003.

(1984 – 1994) National Consultant to US Life/Care, (The United States Life Insurance Co. in NYC) developed IPA/PPO Managed Healthcare Insurance Program. National Consultant to hospitals/medical staffs, Medical Associations, Health Care Policy Conferences: Keynote Speaker on Managed Health Care, IPA/HMOs and was a National Health Care Industry Consultant on cost analysis and industry growth.

(1974 – 1984) Hospital Administration: Swedish Medical Center, Englewood, CO. (Concurrent positions held): Executive Director: Colorado/Arapahoe Medical Society/Arapahoe Foundation for Medical Care, Arapahoe IPA/PPO; Englewood, Colorado. Consultant to the American College of Radiology, National Consultant to Hospitals and Medical Staffs on the development of Independent/Individual Practice Associations (IPA/PPO); all qualified under the HMO Act (1973) as Amended.

(1970 – 1974) Director of Operation and Finance (Administrator), Denver Department of Health and Hospitals: “Denver General Hospital.” Appointed to the Visiting Faculty, University of Southern California School of Public Health Administrations, Los Angeles. CA (Community Health Care Systems).

(1960 – 1970) United States Army Medical Service (Clinical service and Administration), (Honorably Discharged 1962), Pharmaceutical Training and Sales, Parke Davis & Co., President and CEO of a startup Hospital/Medical Surgical Supply/Drug/X-Ray Company. Developed the “Med-Econ System” (computerized Inventory Control System); sold company to the new Medical Division of Phillip Morris, Inc. (returned to Hospital Administration).

Education: College; BS degree, Graduate School studies in business administration, Professional Continuing Education and Professional License qualifications.