About Us

Let’s talk about great health care, simplicity, savings, and freedom. Let’s see how this works and introduce you to the SB/A Cooperative.

Today’s health benefits landscape is more challenging than ever before. Companies of all sizes and types, from 1099 contractors up to medium size corporations are making the switch to add affordability, flexibility, and customizable health benefit options for themselves and their employees.

The SB/A Core Health Plans are sponsored by the Small Business Agency Cooperative (SB/A CoOp).  The SB/A CoOp is a Non-Profit “Agency” Cooperative Corporation that does not buy or sell products or services but acts as the “Legal Collective Agent” of all the Cooperative Members to facilitate advantageous contractual relationships for and between the members. The SB/A CoOp may legally “aggregate” small and large employers together without becoming a Multiple Employer Welfare Association (MEWA) or acting as a Multiple Employer Trust (MET).

There are components that allow the Small Business Agency Cooperative (SB/A CoOp) to develop and sponsor the Employers’ SB/A Core Health Plans. ERISA is the Federal Law that sets the standards and regulates approximately 60% of private and public sector industry health care plans.

The Small Business Agency Cooperative, Inc. as defined above, is a specific marketplace where employers and their employees, (including part-timers and 1099 contractors), can become members and access the marketplace which offers The SB/A Core Health Plans.

The Contract Administrator is a key partner that collects the funds, adjudicates claims, and pays the providers. The pharmacy benefit manager (PBM) and Telemedicine are also important partners that make your healthcare plan function efficiently.

Breckpoint, Inc. provides third-party (TPA) administration for self-insured or fully insured companies, either directly or through our partnerships. This results in a high level of flexibility to clients and their brokers engaged in innovative benefit plans. Breckpoint coordinates entire benefit plans including medical, pharmacy benefit management, telemedicine, COBRA, MEC, level-funded programs, wellness, HSA/HRA, and compliance assistance.

SB/A CoOp has contracted the best partners. The plan administrator has negotiated low provider rates for hospitals, physicians, urgent care centers, and clinics throughout the USA.

Since 1987, Serve You Rx has been the PBM of choice for employee benefits brokers and consultants, their clients, including employers, unions, coalitions, and governmental entities, as well as a third-party administrators who are looking for a valuable partner to effectively manage prescription drug costs. Serve You Rx pre-negotiates up to 80% of prescription drugs.

MeMD, your telemedicine partner, provides a national network of Board Certified and Credentialed Medical Providers. Nearly 75% of all doctor, urgent care, and ER visits are either unnecessary or could be handled safely and effectively over the phone or computer – at a fraction of the cost. Providers are available 24/7/365 to diagnose and treat common illnesses, and minor injuries, providing peace of mind during and after office hours.