Enrollment Steps for Employers and Brokers

Brokers and Employers – Facts to Know Before You Begin

  • Brokers/Agents must be Members of the SB/A CoOp to offer its sponsored products.
  • Brokers/Agents must be appointed with FMA to offer FMA Freedom Select sponsored products or FMA offered ASH Catastrophic products.
  • Employers must be members of the SB/A CoOp to access/enroll sponsored health care plans.

Employers and Brokers – Where to Join the CoOp

  1. Utilize your FMA personal enrollment site to appoint Broker/Agents to Free Market Administrators (FMA).
  2. Utilize your FMA personal enrollment site to assist Employers to join the SB/A CoOp. (A custom enrollment site will then be created.)

How to Get a Quote

  1. Utilize fmafreedomselect.com website to obtain a quick, automated “Get A Quote.”
    Brokers please note: “Quote” will go to email address populated in the Employer information block. If sharing this site with a prospect, ensure your Agent name, email, and phone number are added for tracking at this time.
  2. If the SB/A CoOp determines that quote went to the Employer prospect, SB/A will contact Broker within 48 hours. If Employer prospect received the quote with no Agent information, SB/A CoOp will contact Employer prospect within 48 hours and attempt to track down Broker/Agent. No obligation quotes. No name list (Employer) sharing or selling.
    • SB/A CoOp will contact agent/member to help if needed.

Employers – Steps to Begin Any Enrollment Process by Joining the SB/A CoOp

  • Employers begin any enrollment process by joining the SB/A CoOp. Do this on Broker/Agent personal enrollment site. Website enrollment process is for Employers without a Broker/Agent relationship. If needed, scroll down on the Home page to “Employers Begin Enrollment Here.”
    • Employers must be an Employer Member of the CoOp to access the health care plans. $2.00/month = $24.00/year
  • Joining the SB/A CoOp triggers the Plan Administrator to build a custom enrollment site for Employers/Employees and their dependents.
    • Employers set an enrollment period from 1-2 weeks generally.
    • Employers determine whether to use Benefit Counselors, Zoom Presentations, or print materials and websites.

When is the Effective Date and When Must Enrollment be Completed?

  1. For start dates on the 1st of the month, Employer Group enrollments must be completed by the 20th of the previous month.
    • Plan Administrator sends a “no pay” invoice with a group monthly ACH breakdown. Employer accepts or adjusts the “list.” The monthly ACH occurs on the 27th of the month.
  2. Plan Administrator sends out an automated “Email welcome” to enrollees with access instructions, and procedure to print out a temporary medical ID card. (Benefit and eligibility files are available toward the end of the month, around the 28th). Enrollee files are assembled, and plastic ID cards, plus complete hard copy welcome package will arrive by USPS mail in about 10 days.


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