Enrollment Steps for Employers and Brokers

Brokers and Employers – Facts to Know Before You Begin

  • Brokers/Agents must be Members of the SB/A CoOp to offer its sponsored products.
  • Brokers/Agents must be appointed with Breckpoint to offer SB/A Core Health Plans, Freedom ICON I Plans, or other voluntary benefit products.
  • Employers must be members of the SB/A CoOp to access/enroll sponsored health care plans.

Brokers – Where to Join the CoOp

When you complete the DocuSign forms to Get Contracted with Breckpoint, your CoOp membership form will be included.

How to Get a Quote

Utilize Get a Quote Here to obtain a quick, automated Quote or use the “Get an Instant Quote” link in the orange box on the Home Page. It may also be found on the navigation bar.

Employers – Steps to Begin Any Enrollment Process

  1. Click  here to complete the Employer Application Forms in DocuSign, sign, and click FINISH.
  2. Download the Employee Eligibility Census Template spreadsheet (Excel) and populate the spreadsheet with the required employee information.
  3. Email the completed Excel file to Catrina Nealy at Breckpoint [[email protected]] and Dale Ann DiPane at [[email protected]] using encrypted email.
  4. Breckpoint, third party administrator (TPA) will contact the Employer to schedule an Employer’s web portal orientation.
  5. The SB/A CoOp Specialists will also follow up with you.
  6. The Employer will receive an enrollment link from Breckpoint for their employees to log into with Breckpoint-assigned Employer ID number.
  7. Employees will use the Breckpoint-assigned Employer ID number, complete the form with their date of birth, social security number, and select their plan.

When is the Effective Date and When Must Enrollment be Completed?

For start dates on the 1st of the month, Employer Group enrollments must be completed by the 20th of the month prior to the effective date.


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