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SB/A Core Health Plans

Small Business Agency Cooperative Inc. (SB/A CoOp) group health care plans are the perfect comprehensive, affordable, partially self-funded plans offering level funding.

SB/A CoOp healthcare coverage plans are federally regulated under ERISA, which establishes the standards for over 60% of employer-established healthcare plans in the private and public sectors.

Small Business Employers can now attract and retain valuable employees with a comprehensive medical benefits plan including nationwide Preferred Provider Organization PHCS, Serve You Rx pharmacy benefit manager, and Teledoc Health. Affordable Care Act qualified, you can be assured of quality care to meet employee benefit needs and manage costs.

SB/A CoOp offers Employer health care benefit programs designed for 3 or more enrolled. Employers can include W2s working at least 16 hours per week or 1099 contractors under an ACH list bill. A variety of plans are available such as traditional plans with annual coverage limits, and economical health care plans utilizing telemedicine, co-pays, and hospital daily rates. Enrolled employees may add a dental/vision plan or even voluntary benefits.

Small Business Agency Cooperative plans maximize savings while providing cutting-edge solutions to help you effectively manage your health care costs. Employees can select from a variety of plans that bests fit their needs and lifestyle.

Join us inside for a brief overview of SB/A Core Health and Freedom ICON plans – health care that is transparent, easy to understand, and about time!

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